is delphi dead

By | December 30, 2020

Embarcadero Delphi 10.4.1 Sydney Splash Screen. In Delphi, every form or graphic controls have Canvas property which provides TCanvas object that can be used to draw shapes. Step away from the patient. Delphi and the Dead. Uskoro slavi 18. rođendan i poprilično je živahan :) Mladen Re: Delphi is dead ? Delphi 10.4.1 Sydney (Sydney Update 1) - September 2020 - Addressed key customer requests, 850+ enhancements and fixes, Windows Server 2019 support, Multi-monitor and 4k scaling improvements, Parallel programming component updates . Aber ich muß erst mal eine einigermaßen lauffähige Version schaffen um darauf aufzubauen. ), Mantike. TBrush object is used to set color and style to fill the shapes. Delphi Open-Source Applications/Projects - For any apps that are open-source and have a main component written in Delphi or Kylix. 07:45, abart wrote: > pity Zašto tak mislite? Delphi Borland Delphi. 1. TPen object is used to draw lines and we can set size, color of lines. Mladen Kuzminski: 8/28/12 7:11 AM: On 23.08.2012. ctodx. Was es bei dem Bestellen Ihres Is robert plant dead zu beachten gibt! Admittedly, even if it is possible to find out what the smart linker is eliminating it may be very conservative with its culling. Delphi is not dead. Is robert plant dead - Die preiswertesten Is robert plant dead analysiert. > > Dalija Prasnikar but unix is dead. Hallo und Herzlich Willkommen zu unserem Test. TPen object is used to draw lines and we can set size, color of lines. Upvote (1) Views (228) Followers (3) Write an Answer Register now or log in to answer. Be still my heart. The valley dead-ends at Amphissa. begonnen am 14. However, clients don't care what language an application is built with as long as it works! The most … After trying a cross platform c++ approach which worked but required manual steps, doing it all in Delphi is just much nicer. Dead, and yet it lives. Apr 2018, 01:00. Delphi.NET is here to stay IMHO. I can stay on windows, build for android, mac and ios with little effort! It's free to sign up and bid on jobs. And, C# was designed by one of the main designers of Delphi language (not surprisingly, C# looks a lot like Delphi). Together, they run the Sleeping Giant Inn. 10/31/2009 2:34:35 AM. I suggest the author of the article does even the basics of research before claiming a language is dead/dying and making claims that as very easily proven to be false. Free Pascal is designed to be able to understand and compile Delphi syntax, which is OOP. Re: Delphi is dead ? Registriert seit: 4. Delphi now in development stage, … Danke für die Info... Zitat: Sollte das nicht gehen, musst du dir ein Verfahren aussuchen, bei dem die Result-Sets kleiner schon im Plan. Delphi/OP is not dead or dying. 5 Answers; Answer added by mohamad saeed al sayed suliman, Senior Software Engineer , Saudi Telecom Company - Stc 6 years ago . Hi Matt, my apologies for not having been able to put across my thoughts more clearly on Dart’s place in the languages arena. software - is delphi dead Three valued logic in Delphi (2) How to best implement a three valued logic in Delphi? Delphi's smart linker purportedly does this to reduce the size of the final executable. A couple of weeks ago, Embarcadero released RAD Studio XE2. Unlike Java which strives to be a write once run anywhere, Lazarus and Free Pascal strives for write once compile anywhere. Jun 2010 11.602 Beiträge #1. AW: FireDAC, onDemand, DeadLock 8. Lazarus is the part of the missing puzzle that will allow you to develop Delphi like programs in all of the above platforms. I was wondering though, have there been any enhancements in the compiler that make Delphi XE to produce faster code than Delphi 2007, I'm talking about things like: better elimination of dead code (delphi 2007 is decent, but does not eliminate 100% of dead code) loop unrolling (ala C's O3 optimization level) auto inlining of short routines Amarabha Banerjee August 24, 2018 - 9:12 am At 9:12 am. Her main role is to help discover the mystery behind the dragons and their re-emergence. Personally speaking, I consider this to … First some background. You don't have to look very far for people asking the question "Is Delphi Dead?". Apr 2018 Antwort DP News-Robot. The backup utility takes parameters from the application and archives the data, while your program waits until the backup finishes. Let's say you have a database application that uses an external backup utility. UPDATE – April-201 – 4 months later and still nothing. Studies in Ancient Divination. Roadmaps. Hello all delphers, I wonder if DelphiX is dead..... Hori surely stopped its development becouse there aren''t any updates sice early 2000! Summary Files Reviews Support Wiki Mailing Lists I can copy my entire Delphi… Is delphi dead? In fact, the point is that if you get used to it and will probably use it till the very end. Is Delphi a dead end or is this EDN just dead? Delphi is not as popular as it once was, but it is surely not dead. Delphi 10.1 Berlin Professional #6. Delphi still has a huge active user base, who find it easier to use Delphi when compared to any other language. The IDE has taken huge leaps in features over the past few years, perhaps at the expense of fixing some older bugs, but Embarcadero is only going to continue to expand the tool for many, many years to come. Jul 2018, 13:38. As you're aware, they're basically very similar, from the IDE and RAD point of view. I’ve also been writing and rewriting this post all weekend, so you’re seeing the polished toned-down version. Im calling it. - Leiden, 2005. Other Prestigious Delphi Applications - For applications that are not typical "retail" applications- i.e. (Read 8894 times) Basile B. No one is building relevant new UWP apps: In a valiant effort to prove Windows app development isn’t dead, a group of UWP developers announced; an update to an older YouTube app, yet another Windows Reddit app, and two more Spotify clients. Delphi is a zombie! > I can only say Delphi is dead as much as UNIX was dead 15 years ago, > so Delphi is very much alive and kicking. delphi dead-code. I have a number of commercial packages developed using it and over the past few years there has been a lot of new features added. Question added by Mahmoud Ghazal , Senior Agile Project Manager , Telstra Date Posted: 2013/08/13. not mass market but deserve mention because of their prestige etc. In: Sarah Iles Johnston - Peter T. Struck (Hgg. Dalija Prasnikar wrote: > Some 15 years ago BYTE magazine had cover asking Is UNIX dead? More over, as ECO is .NET only, and the amount of work put into … RSS. Not to be confused with Delphine Jendor Sailor Delphine. Now, I’ve given all these apps a try, and they are well designed and work well. Search for jobs related to Is delphi dead 2018 or hire on the world's largest freelancing marketplace with 18m+ jobs. This project can now be found here. TBrush object is used to set color and style to fill the shapes. Maybe dead is too strong a word … but it is running on cruise control and has not been updated with new Delphi news, blog and tips sites. An inflammatory title, perhaps, but this is how I’m reading the situation. Im calling it … DelphiFeeds is dead 14. Author Topic: Delphi haters blog is dead ! abart: 8/24/12 9:17 PM: not a zombie, just became a living legend Re: Delphi is dead ? You have the LINUX variant but they are not unix they are unix alike. > Nowadays I am abit confused with all the speeches around me.. All says that > Delphi is not powerful as C++ and most of the jobs are for C++ rather than I play with architect xe8 and find things there in c# (tasks and predicate functions), then I try cross platform building and find it all there in the ide. Quote > Hi all! and - is delphi dead . It just does not have the same traction & mindshare as Java & .NET in the corporate world & in universities. OK, so it was a darling of the 90s and these days it isn't as high profile as it used to be - .NET hurt Delphi badly because it took Delphi's edge away. Time of death April 2018. Delphi (object-pascal) is rather modern by comparison, having come about in the mid-1990's. My argument about Delphi being dead has little to do with the language itself. Reply. Unsere Mitarbeiter haben es uns gemacht, Varianten aller Variante ausführlichst zu checken, sodass Sie problemlos den Is robert plant dead kaufen können, den Sie als Kunde kaufen möchten. As of a month or so ago, when CodeGear showed their future direction (I dare not say 'roadmap' ) on the projector, Delphi.NET was certainly in the Studio product. Delphineis aBreton wholives in Riverwood with Orgnar. 19 September 2011. For a smaller development house that cannot afford a team of developers there is still nothing that can touch it. Delphi: VCL is dead, long live FireMonkey. These now strategic locations were the scenes of heavy fighting and reprisals during World War Two. I have been using delphi since delphi 1 and I have enjoyed borland newsgroups a lot during the years, but to me it seems that either the fantastic developers have escaped delphi or they have abandoned this developer forum, there used to be a lot activities around delphi but it appeares VERY quiet now. Other Expert-Exchange Delphi Guru's and Geniuses are gone as I noticed and when I scanned EE-Delphi-experts. This is why I posted "is Delphi Dead" because I wondered why now a days is different from the old days, that questions are directly answered by experts and as I noticed that there are much Delphi experts yesterday than this days.

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